Earlier this year, Alamo Drafthouse Cinema hosted a “women-only” screening of Wonder Woman in Austin, TX, to honor the iconic heroine. As fate would have it, Hillary Clinton would go on to attend her own private screening of the blockbuster film at the company’s NYC theater this past weekend.

“We were obviously thrilled to have them as guests at our theater,” Alamo Drafthouse spokesman Mike Sampson told HuffPost. Hillary previously mentioned that she hadn’t yet seen the film, prompting the movie theater to gladly extended an invite to the 2016 presidential candidate on Twitter.

“[Hillary] had seen the tweet and asked if the offer still stood,” Sampson told the publication. “We were happy to set up a private screening, for which they organized the guest list.” That list included her husband, Bill Clinton, along with a few with other friends who were spotted posing for a photo at the theater.

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“They have an open invitation to return any time in the future,” Sampson said. No official word yet on what Hillary thought of the film, but the wide grin on her face should say it all.

Source: https://www.popsugar.com/news/Hillary-Clinton-Wonder-Woman-Screening-Alamo-Drafthouse-43841859

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