Restaurant names and shames no-shows on social media – and Twitter loves it

A FRUSTRATED restaurant owner took to Twitter to name and shame Valentine’s Day no-shows at his restaurant in Bristol.

The Cauldron tweeted a list of names and the times they had booked after noticing a rising trend of customers not turning up for meals, leaving restaurants at a loss.

Using surnames to name and shame, he posted: “Codd X 2 @ 7pm NO SHOW

“Gragham X 2 @ 7:15pm LAST MINUTE CANCEL

“Peters X 2 8pm NO SHOW

“Barkley X 2 8:30 "FORGOT TO CANCEL

“YOU NEED TO SORT YOUR S*** OUT! #YOURBARED #NoShow #BristolBlacklist”

The bold tweet was met with outstanding positivity online, with many praising the restaurant for their move.

John Lawson, a restaurant server tweeted: “No shows are the pits especially when they switch their phone off so you can’t even find out if they’ve cancelled or are simply running late.”

Andrea Elizabeth also praised the move, saying: “I agree…especially when I’m trying to book a table, and restaurant is ‘fully booked’…and they never turned up #timewasters”.

Avril Silk added: “Those people are selfish on so many levels.”

Many users called on the restaurant industry to start taking deposits at the time of booking in order to minimise no-shows, but co-owner Henry Eldon, the man behind the now infamous tweet, said that would just be a “faff”.

He told The Sun: “I put the tweet out in frustration but the strong response to it has been really reassuring.

“It goes to show that others feel the same way and indicates this is an issue within the restaurant industry that needs to be addressed.”

He added that the no-shows on such an important night of the year for the restaurant trade meant a lot of The Cauldron’s local, and regular, customers were unable to come for dinner.

Mr Eldon, who has been running The Cauldron for almost two years, said they had now started taking deposits for Sundays and, as a result, had seen a massive drop in no-shows.

Restaurant owners have repeatedly blamed the popularity of online bookings for the rise of no-shows, with some blacklisting repeat offenders.

Restaurant booking website OpenTable has also enforced strict measures to ensure people who repeatedly fail to show up for bookings made via their website are banned from using it.

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