The rich elite of the Remain resistance are trying to ­nullify the little people’s votes

IF you thought Brexit bile between Leavers and Remainers peaked in 2017, think again.

The rich elite of the Remain resistance have hired leftie Lord Malloch-Brown to run their deranged campaign to ­nullify the little people’s votes and brainwash them into having another go.

He reckons Parliament’s “meaningful vote” next year, forced on Theresa May by Tory rebels, is the moment “to stop the train wreck”. That’s regardless of how good a deal she strikes in Brussels.

He and his sneering, entitled, millionaire mates — Blair, Clegg, Mandelson and the rest — actually believe a couple of dubious opinion polls showing a slight Remain uptick should over-ride a referendum in which 33.6million voted.

More dangerously, they think they can overturn the majority’s 17.4million votes with no ­consequences. Do they not worry what hideous forces they could unleash?

Meanwhile, incredibly, Tory rebels now want Mrs May to agree with Labour’s “soft Brexit” MPs to water down any deal to meaninglessness. The arrogance and delusion are jaw-dropping.

The PM commendably stood firm ­yesterday. She must never waver.

No to single market and customs union membership. No to a second referendum.

No to remaining shackled to EU rules while trade deals around the world are there to be struck.

WHEN even Facebook bosses fear they are destroying society, it’s time to worry.

And just look at their shameful antics after the terrible crash in Birmingham.

For a day Facebook refused to remove grossly upsetting pictures of the dead no legitimate publisher would touch. The same arrogant indifference, in fact, as when it is caught hosting ISIS propaganda.

But these are just a few of its problems. One ex-Facebook executive fears it is “destroying how society works”.

Facebook admits it may be damaging users’ mental health. Ex-president Sean Parker says: “God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains.”

This global giant is out of control and in a state of paralysed confusion over its role in society and the harm it does.

It must be reined in by law.

FOR evidence of politicians’ talent for blowing huge sums on idiotic schemes, look no further than some 20mph limits.

Councillors in Bath spent £800,000 on 13 lower speed zones . . . which lulled pedestrians into a false sense of security and INCREASED deaths.

Now they can’t afford to put the limits back up.

Central Government is even worse.

Labour told drivers to buy diesels to save the planet. Noxious fumes soared.

They slowed us down with speed humps. That increased pollution too.

Does anyone ever lose their job over such short-sighted stupidity? Do they hell.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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