Riots, street fighting, fascist salutes and snipers on the roofs. Is this the end of Spain as we know it?

RIOTS, street fighting, fascist salutes and snipers on roofs were seen as Spain celebrated its national day amid uncertainty over the future of Catalonia.

Disorder broke out in Barcelona as pro-union nationalists held breakaway protests burning the region's flag in the streets with pictures of shocking brawls emerging.

 Protesters hold up flares during an ultra-right wing anti-separatist demonstration in Barcelona

Thousands of people joined flag waving parades across the country on the theme of "proud to be Spanish".

but, in Catalonia shocking pictures showed fascist salutes being given as the region's divisions over the question of independence grow deeper.

There were ugly scenes at a popular tourist cafe in Barcelona where rival groups of hooligans attacked each other with chairs.

The brawl broke out after a peaceful demonstration called by pro-union group Societat Civil Catalana, which had also organised a massive anti-independence demonstration on Sunday.

 Protesters burn a Catalan flag after marching from Plaza Espanya square in Barcelona
 A sniper watches on from a roof during the Spanish National Day military parade in Madrid
 Pro-union protests were held in Catalonia today as Spain celebrated its national day
 A brawl broke out at a tourist cafe in Barcelona as rival mobs clashed
 Those objecting to Catalonian independence climb a statue in Barcelona

A police officer who tried to break up the fighting was said to have been slightly injured.

Pro-union sentiments were heard loudly today as the country celebrated.

Andrea Corrales, 46, said: "Its very emotional seeing all the flags. We have to remain together."

Elsewhere flags were seen emblazoned with the message: "Long live the unity of Spain."

 Fascist salutes were seen as demonstrators from Spanish far right groups marched through Barcelona
 Far-right protesters marched through Barcelona today - just days after the the region's president said it had one the right to independence
 Flares were lit as the right-wing nationalists took the streets of Barcelona to protest against independence
 Catalan police watch on as demonstrators from Spanish far right groups march from Plaza Espanya square
 Flares were lit as disorder broke out in Barcelona amid demonstrations today
 Peaceful rallies celebrating Spain were also held in Barcelona today

On Tuesday Catalonia's leaders signed a declaration for independence after President Carles Puigdemont told the region's Government it had "won the right to independence".

A deep divide has emerged between many Catalans and the national government after  Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy declared the regions independence vote "illegal" and sent in riot cops in a bid to crush it.

The vote saw 43 per cent of Catalans head to the polls, 90pc of which opted to break away from Spain.

The referendum ballot asked Catalans to answer yes or no to a single question: "Do you want Catalonia to become an independent state in the form of a republic?"

 People draped in Spanish flags can be seen cheering as the Catalonian flag is burned
 Flares sent red smoke rising into the air as protesters hit the streets of Barcelona
 Riot cops were out in force as far-right groups marched through the popular tourist city of Barcelona
 Away from splinter protests there was joy on the streets of Barcelona as people celebrated

Hispanic Day – a Bank Holiday in Spain – commemorates the anniversary of the date Christopher Columbus first set foot in the Americas in 1492.

It is marked by a military parade in Madrid attended by the King and senior politicians including the Prime Minister.

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