Romantic boyfriend’s proposal ’goes BADLY wrong as he goes down on one knee on a bridge – but DROPS the £2,250 ring’

THIS is the moment a man asked his girlfriend to marry him only for it to go anything but swimmingly.

Seth Dixon from Kansas City, Missouri, took the bold decision of asking long-term girlfriend Ruth Salas to marry him only for the engagement ring to apparently fall into the water.

The Uber driver appeared to meticulously plan the landmark moment after choosing to pop the question at the couple's favourite spot in Kansas City's Loose Park.

Seth then asked wedding photographer a close pal Staci Dabney to film the moment at the picturesque scene.

Footage shows the pairing kissing and holding hands before Seth takes a step back before bending down on one knee.

He then opens up the engagement ring box which the couple claim contained a £2,250 engagement ring.

Seconds after presenting the ring to his girlfriend of four years footage is said to show the expensive piece of jewellery falling out of the box before falling in through a gap in the bridge into the water below.

Speaking to CNN Seth Dixon said: "That face. I was just completely shocked."

 The couple are filmed kissing and holding hands in Kansas City's Loose Park
 Seth begins to bend down in preparation for the big question
 Footage capturing the moment 'the £2,250 ring' fell through a gap in the bridge and plonked into the water


 The Uber driver appears to scurry across the bridge to try and catch the fallen ring
 Both Seth and Ruth look in between the gaps in the bridge
 Both appear to be in shock at the apparent loss of the £2,250 engagement ring


Girlfriend Ruth Salas said: ""I looked over the bridge and was like it really did fall. I heard a plop of the ring and and thought oh no.

"We didn't really finish the proposal so I hope he will propose again."

Pal Staci who captured the moment set up a Go-Fund-Me page in a bid to claw back money for an engagement ring.

The pair managed to raise £196 ($261) for a replacement ring.

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