RSPCA finds 27 poodles crammed into filthy home – and gets the owner banned for life from keeping pets

Cruel Heather Green, 69, kept 21 of her pooches squashed inside five metal cages and all had a ‘miserable existence’, a court heard

A court heard that 21 were squashed inside five metal cages, and all had a “miserable existence” in filthy conditions.


A dog owner has been banned from keeping the animals after 27 poodles were found crammed into her squalid home

Five of the pooches were underweight, and many suffered dental diseases.

Owner Heather Green, 69, claimed she loved her animals and never deliberately hurt them.

She refused to accept there was any problem with their treatment, and claimed that her care of them was sufficient.

RSPCA inspector Lewis Taylor said: “These dogs were kept in inadequate conditions and were sadly suffering as a result.

“We found 21 dogs squashed together in five metal cages with six others running loose in just one room. It was a miserable existence and no way for animals to live.

“Anyone caring for animals must be able to meet their needs and provide them with the kind of life they deserve.”


21 of the pooches were kept in five metal cages, while the remaining six were crammed into one room

Green of Launceston, Cornwall, denied animal cruelty but was convicted of causing unnecessary suffering by Bodmin magistrates.

She received a six-week suspended sentence, a ten-year ban on keeping dogs, and was ordered to pay £1,165.

The 27 dogs have been now been taken into care by the RSPCA, and the charity is hoping to rehome them.


Owner Heather Green, 69, has been handed a ten-year ban on keeping dogs, and a suspended sentence


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