A SATANIC killer who butchered friend in coffin to drink his blood has been freed from prison today.

German Daniel Ruda, who has been behind bars for 16 years, was known to enjoy sleeping in British graveyards sparking fears he could return to the UK.

 Daniel Ruda in court in 2002. He enjoyed Satanic holidays in the UK with his ex-wife
 Manuela Ruda, seen here in 2002, is no longer in a psychiatric hospital but still has treatment

When released he will go by the new name of Daniel Wegner.

The court at his sentencing heard that he and then wife Manuela spent holidays in England and Scotland, sleeping in graveyards and attending devil-worship parties.

Car parts salesman Ruda, who when he was sentenced in 2002 had filed his incisor teeth to razor sharp points to give him the appearance of a vampire, gained worldwide notoriety for the 2001 murder of a friend on what he said was a "Satanic sacrifice" .

Baker Frank Hackert was stabbed 66 times on a coffin the couple used as a coffee table in their home in Bochum. Both joined in afterwards drinking his blood.

Daniel was accused at a court in Bochum, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, earlier this year, of planning a hit on his ex, Manuela, who divorced him while behind bars.

Ruda, who was 26 when he was sent down, described the accusation as "nonsense" and "grotesque and untrue".

 Daniel and Manuela Ruda before they were convicted

According to prosecutors he tried to hire a woman he met through contact advertisements in 2012 to carry out the plan.

In court he admitted the "Satanic sacrifice" of Frank Hackert at the home they shared in Bochum in 2001.

Manuela was sentenced to 13 years for her role and has since been freed from a psychiatric unit but is still receiving treatment. She has been given a new identity and has no further contact with her ex husband.


Ruda, who works as a librarian at a prison near Dortmund, had petitioned last year to be allowed to rejoin society.

His lawyer Hans Reinhardt said at the time: "We want to show that he is not a dangerous man. In jail he takes no drugs, drinks no alcohol.

"His mother, who is 75, visits him regularly. She has only one wish – to see her son free before she dies."

 Ruda made the devil's horns sign with his fingers during his trial in 2002

Doris Hackert, mother of the dead man, said: "I hope they don't let him out. I am not well.

"It would be a nightmare for me if they let him out."

The couple said they had chosen their victim for sacrifice because he was "so funny and would be the perfect court jester for Satan".

A court spokesman said: “The plan was seemingly for the woman he contacted to get a job in the kitchens of the psychiatric unit where his ex-wife was and to kill her there out of revenge.”

But she went to the police instead, leading Ruda back into the dock on a charge of incitement to murder.

He insisted: “There was no contract to murder. The prosecution has acted with blind zeal.”

But a fellow prisoner is due to give evidence that he told him of the murder plot.

Ruda added: “It’s a lie from someone who wants to make himself look important.”

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