Saudi Arabian Boy Gives Zero F*cks, Does Macarena in the Street, Becomes Internet Hero

The internet has a lovely way of resurrecting old content at the precise moment when we need it most. If you’re feeling distressed, confused, or just downright upset about the current state of our country, we have just the remedy you’ve been looking for. In a now-viral video that’s spreading all over Twitter, a young boy is seen shamelessly dancing to “Macarena” at a stoplight, and now people have officially dubbed him an international hero. Honestly, we couldn’t agree more because, well, just look at those moves!

— Ahmed Al Omran (@ahmed) August 19, 2017

The boy put his dance skills on display at an intersection in the Saudi Arabian town of Jeddah, where he proudly walked in front of five lanes of stopped traffic to break it down to the popular ’90s hit. The 45-second clip that shows him dancing was apparently first shared back in 2016 but is making its rounds again. When Saudi Arabian officials caught wind of the video, they accused the teen of exhibiting “improper public behavior” and arrested and subsequently released him, according to BBC.

Regardless of whether he actually deserved to be arrested for his seemingly innocent dancing, there’s no denying that watching this dude slay his “Macarena” dance moves is a surefire way to brighten your day — and the internet seems to agree. If you need us, you can find us watching this on repeat for the rest of eternity. Macarena Boy for president, anyone?

— Mystique (@MystiqueIII) August 23, 2017

— Advaita Kala (@AdvaitaKala) August 23, 2017

— LAAlkuwari?? (@latifa_alkwuari) August 23, 2017


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