A second crossing between the UK and Europe could become reality as Eurotunnel chiefs are interesting in discussing plans with the PM

A SECOND crossing between the UK and Europe could become a reality, it has emerged.

Eurotunnel chiefs are keen to discuss a potential new link, said the Sunday Telegraph.

This comes after Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson called for another permanent transport connection to the continent.

The newspaper claims it had seen a letter written by Chief executive Jacques Gounnon to PM Theresa May saying he was “very interested” in a second fixed link and would be “delighted” to discuss a second crossing.

The note from Jacques Gounon states: "The idea of a second fixed link is something that we regularly consider in our long-term plans and we would be delighted to engage with your officials to explore the possibility further," according to the report.

Mr Gounon added: "We are very interested in this possibility, albeit perhaps a little early as today we only use around 54 per cent of total Tunnel capacity.”

After Mr Johnson's call for a "fixed link", some experts suggested that a bridge was a technical possibility, but critics ridiculed the idea.

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/5554506/uk-link-to-europe-theresa-may-eurotunnel-channel-tunnel/

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