Shocked mum finds foul-mouthed ’Fark Your Mathar’ note in Asda Christmas cracker

A MUM was horrified to find a foul-mouthed message inside an Asda supermarket Christmas cracker.

Chrissie Blackmore, 38, was shocked that her daughter who opened the £3.50 cracker saw the words "Fark you mathar" written in the novelty miniature Christmas item.

Chrissie, a Slimming World consultant who lives in Cardiff with husband Steve, 42, bought the Asda own brand cracker from in the Coryton store.

The mum-of-four recalls her 13-year-old daughter Isabella saying "Oh my God" as she opened the cracker.

Ms Blackmore said: "She showed me and my husband Steve the back of the calendar and we saw what it said. I said 'what the heck?'. I was in disbelief.

"We were surprised but we all had a good laugh out of it and saw it as a bit of fun.

"We said it was probably a naughty elf, or someone having a bad day at the Christmas cracker factory.

"I posted it on Asda's Facebook page so others could have a laugh too, but I don't think anyone should get in trouble for it.

A spokeswoman for Asda said: "We're sorry to hear about this unusual, isolated incident amongst the 1.1 million crackers we sold this Christmas.

"To help us get to investigate it quickly, we'd ask Ms Blackmore to contact us directly so that we can arrange to get the necessary details from the packaging."

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