Shocking moment knife-wielding thug is bundled to the ground by brave shoppers in busy high street

The man was spotted holding a blade in Hull city centre at around noon yesterday.

The knife had allegedly been stolen from a nearby shop before witnesses say he shouted "I have knives" at terrified passersby.

Police were filmed pepper spraying the man before bundling him to the ground with the help of several have-a-go heroes.

The video shows the suspect – wearing a dark blue Nike hoodie and blue Adidas tracksuit bottoms – with a large knife held aloft as he walks down the street shouting at pedestrians.

When the suspect turns around for a split second, the officer stuns him with the spray and the man appears to throw one of the blades at the police.

Mark Harris, 55, who filmed the arrest, said he ran to a nearby police van for help after he saw the man was armed.

The store owner said: "He was waving the knives around and had one in each hand so I said to the police in no uncertain terms: 'This guy has got two knives and he's coming down the street now waving them around in the street.'

"They pepper sprayed him and he threw one of the knives to the floor which I managed to retrieve. They got him to the ground and held him there and managed to get the other knife from his grasp.

"I was just shaking and I'm only just starting to calm down now. He just threw that knife towards the police and he was just crazy. It was so frightening.

"The police were so brave. Thank God there was a police van close by."

Humberside Police said in a statement: "We were quickly on the scene to arrest a man for affray and possession of a weapon in King Edward Street.

"Store security told us that a man had stolen a knife from a city centre shop and was in the vicinity."

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