Shocking moment man is knocked out on Perth street by ’13-year-old gangsters’ who claim victim was being ‘racist’

THIS is the shocking moment a man was knocked to the floor with a 'coward punch' after being surrounded by a teen gang in Australia.

The man had his drink shoved out of his hand before he was punched in the head on a street in Perth.

The video shows him crashing to the ground and hitting his head on the floor after being hit.

The suspected teen attackers are often seen trashing restaurants and starting fights on the street, local business owners told 7 News.

Police rushed to the scene on William Street where they questioned a 13-year-old boy in connection with the attack, spokesperson Ros Weatherall said.

"Further investigation will be undertaken regarding the circumstances surrounding the assault," she was quoted as saying on Bunbury Mail.

An onlooker who filmed the attack is believed to have taken to Facebook to claim the victim was "being racist".

He said: "None off yous know the full story that guy was being racist but no one of yous care about that.

"He deserved it saying we will go nowhere in life."

Footage shows him exchanging words with a group of boys in the video but what they say is not clear.

The victim puts his burger down to fight moments before one of two boys land the knockout blow.

One of his friends is seen helping him to his feet as two of the suspected attackers flee.'” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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