Shopper gets hilarious rap reply after complaining about new shoes in Cockney rhyming slang

A SHOPPER got a hilarious reply in rap after using Cockney rhyming slang to complain to M&S about his shoes.

Eugene Costello, 50, wrote asking for advice on how to stop the “misery of me bleedin’ plates of meat”.

 Eugene wrote to M&S after finding his new brogues hurt his feet

The writer, who went shopping with his daughter for a £65 pair of brogues for a job interview three months earlier, got a response that would have made rapper Marky Mark proud.

It referred to 12-year-old Evie as his “bricks and mortar” and continued: “Sorry to hear the brogues have been rogues and don’t fit like they oughtta’.”

It then promised a refund before saying: “At this point I’ll need to switch to prose.”

Eugene — who landed the job after getting an M&S outfit for the interview — said: “Evie wanted to smarten me up.

“I thought the brogues would soften but they were still agonising so I let the store know.

“Nothing prepared me for the reply. It’s a breath of fresh air.”

 Eugene chose the brogues while shopping with his daughter Evie

Eugene, of Walthamstow, East London, swapped the shoes.

M&S said its staff “go the extra mile”


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