Sickening moment father of four, 43, turns on man at pub, hurling him to the floor and stamping on his face – before telling witnesses ’let him bleed out’

THIS is the horrific moment a father of four launches a sickening attack on a pub-goer – leaving the room in chaos as he told witnesses: "Let him bleed out, he deserves everything he gets."

Violent thug Mark Quigley, from Whitehaven, was drinking at Cumbria pub The Yellow Earl when he flipped out at a man he vaguely knew and launched the sickening attack.

The thug, 43, can be seen throwing his victim to the ground before stamping repeatedly on his face.

Several customers can be seen in the footage, captured by CCTV, dragging him away from the man, who is lying on the floor disorientated.

However several times he tries to return to the victim, who is still lying on the floor, to continue the attack.

Claire Larton, prosecuting, told Carlisle Crown Court today: "He took hold of the victim around the neck with one hand.

"He effectively lifted him from the chair and pushed him and the chair over.

"The defendant did not willingly stop the attack.

"He had to be wrestled to the ground by a number of members of staff. He was described as being like a man possessed.

"The defendant's wife is a nurse and she assisted the complainant – she got him in the recovery position."

The court was told that the defendant was heard saying, "don't help him, why are you helping, let him bleed out he deserves everything he gets" whilst his wife was tending to the victim.

Reading out the victim's personal statement, Miss Larton continued: "I have not been out socially since the incident and I don't think that I will go out socially again.

"He said his face is still painful and his teeth are sore.

"He can only eat on one side of his face.

"He said the last month has been hell for me. The assault had a detrimental effect on his confidence and he does not want to leave his house.

"He was an outgoing person but he has been left with depression. He does not want to be alone.

"A female witness said that she in fact vomited from seeing what happened that night."

Quigley appeared in court last month and pleaded guilty to section 18 grievous bodily harm.

Today, at Carlisle Crown Court, he was sentenced to six years and nine months behind bars.

It is understood that the victim, who suffered serious head injuries during the ordeal, had previously dated Quigley's ex-girlfriend.

Another man, aged 26, suffered injuries amid the chaotic scenes in the pub.

Kim Whitlestone, defending Quigley, said: "He said that this was a moment of madness that he bitterly regrets.

"He is a married man and he has a two-year-old child and three children from a previous relationship.

"The defendant maintains that something was said that caused him to react in that way.

"He is a man who lives a positive role in the society.

"All of the references speak of him as a calm, reasonable and thoughtful man.

"It was to him a complete shock when he saw the CCTV footage.

"His wife's reaction to this incident was to help the complainant. She is not a lady who would involve herself with a man who regularly behaves in an aggressive way.

"Any time this man spends in custody is to be detrimental to his family."

Passing sentence, Judge James Adkin said: "It is in fact your good fortune that his injury was not more significant and that he had not suffered brain
injury or death.

"Serious injury was caused and this was a repeated attack. I have seen the stills from the CCTV and they speak volumes.

"You knew the victim only vaguely as he had been in a relationship with your ex girlfriend in 2013.

"I have seen 24 character references from relatives, friends and colleagues all of which describe you in glowing terms.

"This explosive violence was completely out of character."'s%20face%20before%20yelling%20'let%20him%20bleed%20out'” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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