Sir Michael Caine blasts Jean-Claude Juncker as veteran actor says he backs Brexit to rid Britain of European Commission rule

SIR MICHAEL CAINE has blasted Jean-Claude Juncker for controlling Britain through the EU.

The Oscar-winning actor slammed the EU boss and said he wants to be "master of my own fate" when we quit the EU in 2019.

 Sir Michael Caine is pleased we will finally be leaving the EU
 The star was at the festival to promote his new documentary - with Director David Barry

Speaking as he appeared at the Venice Film Festival yesterday, the 84-year-old said again that he was pleased we were leaving the bloc.

He said: "up until I was 20, I thought Luxembourg was a radio station.

"I didn't even know it was a country and now he's running my country – and he doesn't seem to like us."

And he added: "I'd rather be a poor master of my own fate than a rich servant of someone else's'."

The proud Brexiteer had made a number of interventions about the EU in the past – including back in April where he said he was convinced it would be "all right" in the end.

 The 84-year-old has been a long-standing critic of the EU and its bureaucrats

The actor was at the Festival with his new documentary 'My Generation'- about life in the 1960s.

He narrates and interviews contemporaries including Paul McCartney, Roger Daltrey and Marianne Faithful for the film, directed by David Batty.

Sir Michael was the first major star to back Brexit in 2016, attacking the EU’s “faceless dictators”.

But the Italian Job star was attacked by vile Twitter trolls who branded him an "idiot" for sharing his joy over our decision to leave the EU.

Former Justice Secretary and Vote Leave frontman Michael Gove lapped up his comments at the time, telling The Sun: “I love Michael Caine. He’s the kind of expert I like.”



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