Sizzling sausages lure runaway schnauzers back home

Hot dogs to the rescue!

A British couple were distraught when their two miniature schnauzers disappeared in fog during a recent hillside stroll, and enlisted a veritable army to find them.

More than 120 people — and two drones — helped look for Charlie and Theo on the Red Pike fell near Buttermere, Cumbria – but came up empty after almost 100 hours.

Liz and Graham Hampson finally decided to zero in on their schnauzers’ schnozes by cooking up some hot dogs at the spot where the pooches went missing.

A few minutes after the aroma from the sizzling wieners wafted throughout the area, Charlie and Theo reappeared.

“When they first appeared it was like a mirage. I could not believe it was them,” Liz told The Telegraph. “My husband ran up the hill to grab them as I was just shaking and crying. I could not function.

“The dogs are just gorgeous, and they are part of our family. It would be horrible not to have them around,:” she said. “They absolutely love sausages. They have them every Sunday for breakfast, so if there was one food they were going to come back for, it was sausages.

Liz said Charlie, 7, and Theo, 15 months, are actually dad and son, “so we’re now joking they had a father’s day weekend.

“And they’ve told us nothing about what happened. I guess what goes on tour, stays on tour,” she added.


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