In 2012, Saturday Night Live hired comedian Josh Patten to write for its beloved “Weekend Update” — and the rest is now history. Patten, already a popular political jokester on Twitter, has showcased his comedic prowess during Donald Trump’s presidency by trolling him in the most creative ways possible. Patten recently shared his “incredibly stupid” habit of replying back to President Trump’s often erratic and off-the-wall tweets as if they were text messages sent directly to him.

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) July 16, 2017

“Call when you land,” he responded when Trump tweeted about his travel plans to Poland and Germany earlier this month. And he didn’t stop there. Read on to see a few of the other funniest political jokes Patten has made.

You’ll Giggle For Days When You See Who’s President on This Letter From the White House

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) June 30, 2017

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) June 25, 2017

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) July 5, 2017

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) July 2, 2017

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) July 11, 2017

— Josh Patten (@thejoshpatten) June 6, 2017


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