SNP stage mass walkout after their leader Ian Blackford is KICKED OUT in the middle of PMQs for staging bizarre protest

A fuming Ian Blackford repeatedly refused orders from Commons Speaker John Bercow to sit down and stop disrupting the session.

He tried to force the House to sit in private – in protest after yesterday's time to debate Scottish devolution and Brexit was cut down.

In a dramatic slanging match in the middle of the Chamber, Mr Bercow repeatedly told him to sit down and stop causing a scene.

But Mr Blackford refused and tried to force a vote, insisting that "Scotland will not be disrespected by this Parliament".

He insisted that powers given to Scotland were being "grabbed back" and the MPs were not being allowed time to discuss it.

He used his question to Theresa May to say: "I've got no option but to ask the House to sit in private".

But Bercow replied: "I'm not hearing that at this time."

After taking advice from his clerks he said that a vote could take place after PMQs, but Mr Blackford still refused to sit down.

"Trust me, I know of what I speak. There can be a vote on this at the end… That is the end of the matter," the Speaker said.

However, as the Prime Minister stood up to resume questions Mr Blackford continued his bizarre antics.

"Resume your seat!" Mr Bercow shouted. "Resume your seat, young man!"

And addressing a fellow SNP MP, he stormed: "Don't tell me what the procedures of this House should are. I am telling you that there can be a vote at the end of this session and not now."

As the stunt continued, the Speaker then was forced to chuck him out of the chamber for the rest of the day. The rest of the SNP's MPs then followed him out angrily, waving and gesticulating.

Mr Blackford can't now vote on any of the crucial amendments to the EU Withdrawal Bill later today.

A smiling Speaker Bercow then said: "It's looking as though Christmas has come early!" before the questions session continued.

Mr Blackford added later: "My SNP colleagues and I were treated to the same braying and disrespect that we receive on a continual basis.

"Scottish Tories told me to sit down. Let me be clear, the SNP shall not 'sit down' and allow the people of Scotland to be treated in this way."

Nicola Sturgeon, the SNP boss, tweeted directly afterwards: "Right behind Ian Blackford and the SNP MPs. Scotland and Scottish Parliament are being treated with contempt by Westminster and it needs to be highlighted."

Yesterday three hours had been set aside during crunch commons debates to discuss issues about devolution and Scotland – and for an amendment on Northern Ireland.

But because it took so long for MPs to vote on the other amendments – including on the "meaningful" Brexit vote where the Government was almost defeated – there was less than half an hour left at the end to talk about Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

Mr Blackford described it as a "democratic outrage".

But other MPs blasted the "disgraceful" stunt and accused the SNP of "absurd childish antics".

No10 condemned the walkout as a "stunt".

Scottish Tory Paul Masterton said: "This pathetic grandstanding is a manufactured drama from a party so out of touch and out of ideas it's reduced to stunts."

Labour's Alex Cunningham added: "Seems the SNP lot didn't want to hold the PM to account on one of the most important days in Parliament for decades."

And Tory MP Luke Hall, who asked the next question in PMQs, quipped: "With the amount of people leaving, it feels like one of my after-dinner speeches."

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