Stabbing victim’s family curses out alleged killer in court

Family and friends of a Bronx mom killed by a screwdriver-wielding maniac cursed out her alleged attacker in court Tuesday — after they say he blew a kiss at the woman’s devastated widower.

“F–king piece of s–t! F–king b—ard! Motherf–ker!” supporters of Wanda Rios screamed at Idris Abdul-Muhaymin at the tail end of his brief appearance in Bronx criminal court.

Abdul-Muhaymin, 45, is accused of stabbing the 45-year-old mother at her workplace in the Bronx last Wednesday. He is also suspected in the murder of Owen Dillard, 73 — his two-time lottery-winning uncle, who was found dead in his Mott Haven home June 11.

Outside court, Rios’ husband, Nathaniel, who at one point had to be restrained by friends, said, “I have no words” to describe what he felt when he saw his wife’s accused killer.

A long-time friend of Wanda’s, Cindy, said through tears, “[Abdul-Muhaymin] looked at her husband right in his face and threw him a kiss. He has no remorse.”

Cindy said Abdul-Muhaymin made the kissing gesture nonchalantly, as if “he didn’t just take the mother of an 8-year-old.”

Meanwhile, Abdul-Muhaymin’s lawyer, Greg Cooper, warned against flare-ups from Rios’ supporters before the alleged killer entered the courtroom. “My client’s rights need to be protected. This doesn’t allow them to make outbursts or threaten my client,” Cooper said.

Bronx prosecutor Felicity Lung said, “I’ve spoken to the family. They are devastated” after the “unexpected” murder of Rios. But Lung noted that she advised them to turn off their phones and stay quiet while in the courtroom.

Judge Margaret Martin assured Cooper that the court officers would ensure things remained calm.

Abdul-Muhaymin’s brother, Shabazz, speculated that drugs may have played a role.

“He wasn’t thinking right. Perhaps drugs were a factor. When you’re on certain stuff, you’re not thinking right. You’re not in the right frame of mind,” he said.

Abdul-Muhaymin is due back in court on Aug. 7.

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