Student, 20, ’plans to marry TETRIS after her relationship with a calculator called Pierre ended when she lost it’

A MATHS fanatic plans to marry TETRIS, after claiming she's fallen in love with the video game.

Noorul Mahjabeen Hassan said she's also been in a relationship with a calculator she named Pierre – and admits she's had feelings for iPods, treadmills and a GPS system.

The 20-year-old, who likes to be known as Fractal Tetris Huracan, identifies as an objectum sexual – which means she's attracted to inanimate objects.

The maths student, from Orlando, Florida, surrounds herself with Tetris-shaped objects in her room at home and said she now plans to marry the game when she graduates from the University of Florida in two years.

Fractal started a relationship with the puzzle game in September 2016 and sometimes spends up to 12 hours a day playing it on websites, her phone and her Gameboy.

She claims she sleeps with and enjoys a physical relationship with Tetris-themed objects including Tetris hard drives and cushions.

Fractal said: "I think Tetris is so beautiful, he is about perfection and he stimulates your mind.

"Physically I get that feeling that people in relationships get – that you know they are the right one.

"I love him so much and get an immense sense of satisfaction with him.

"I have a strong connection with him and have invested so much in him."

She said part of the attraction is the satisfaction she gets from clearing the lines as quickly as possible – her current record standing at 49.53 seconds.

The student wears a Tetris necklace, has Tetris-shaped lamps, T-shirts, magnets and rare Tetris hard drive editions that she sleeps with.

When she graduates she plans to have a commitment ceremony with Tetris, surrounded by her friends.


Eija-Riitta Berliner-Mauer, who's surname translate as Berlin Wall,  married the concrete structure in 1979.

She and fellow objectophile, Erika Eiffel, who married the Eiffel Tower, founded the OS Internationale support network and educational site.

The site states: "We love objects on a very significant level and many of us, in an intimate way.

"This feeling is innate.

"Objectum sexual love comes for most in a similar awakening as other sexualities at the start of puberty.

"This is often followed by an acute awareness that we do not relate to peers due to the source of projected feelings.

"Often objectum sexual people feel outcast or pressured by mainstream sexuality with a helpless feeling that we cannot change what comes naturally to us."

In 2010, clincial sexologist Dr Amy Marsh published out what is thought to be the first study into OS, in the Internet Journal of Human Sexuality.

After speaking to 21 people who claim to be objectum sexual, Dr Marsh spoke on US television revealing she supported OS as a legitimate sexual orientation.

Dr Marsh said: "The most striking feature of this research was the discovery of the array of emotions and depth of connection that OS people feel for their objects.

"OS appears to be a genuine, though rare, sexual orientation.

"The emotions and experiences reported by OS people correspond to general definitions of sexual orientation."

"I want to say I'm married to Tetris and have a legitimate ceremony, I want everybody to be there," Fractal said.

"I feel like that would be an official thing which would set it in stone and say 'I love you and want to prove it to you' by making it permanent and calling myself Mrs Tetris."

As a youngster, Fractal said she never developed crushes on humans – only robots or objects.

When she was 10, she developed feelings towards a GPS system, she said.

"I had no idea why but I would get really shy around GPS or whenever anybody mentioned them, I was obsessed," Fractal explained.

"I would always try and make an excuse to use the GPS in the car, and I would try to hold it close.

"I would do anything to try and touch it and hear its voice. It made me feel really happy."

I think Tetris is so beautiful, he is about perfection and he stimulates your mind. I love him so much and get an immense sense of satisfaction with him.

As a teen she joined online groups for objectum sexuals after reading about Erika Eiffel who married the Eiffel Tower in 2007.

At first she thought it was a fetish but then realised she was an objectum sexual.

Fractal said: "I want to make clear there is a big difference.

"A fetish is sexual whereas objectum sexual is more romantic. You have actual feelings and feel like you emotionally connect with the objects."

Fractal, who said she is mostly attracted to "male" objects, also fell in love with a $150 TI-NSpire CX calculator, which she named Pierre De Fermat after a famous mathematician.

She was 16 at the time and even took the gadget to the school prom.

Then aged 16, Fractal persuaded her mum to buy her a $150 TI-NSpire CX calculator which she named Pierre De Fermat after the mathematician and even took to the school prom as her date a year later.

She said: "I was doing an advanced statistics course at high school and I saw them and thought 'that's really sexy'.

"Around the time I fell in love with Pierre I had a strong attraction to math and a fetish for geometry. I called myself Fractal, I was obsessed.

"I was so in love with Pierre, I can't describe how much I was in love, it was indescribably strong.

"I took him to my prom and I just felt an explosion inside me like a wild fire was raging in my heart.

"I loved touching his buttons – the feel of his buttons and track pad. I loved running my finger over that and I used my tongue to touch his buttons.

"I liked generating random numbers and multiplying them.

"It was very much an intellectual relationship as well. He's a calculator – how could it not be?"

I am not doing anyone or anything any harm. What is the issue? They (people) think it’s weird but I ask them to give me one good reason why I shouldn’t date Tetris and they can’t

She said she did want to marry Pierre at the time because she believed he had consciousness and that he would talk back to her and loved her back.

She said: "I was cleaning him one time and he short circuited. I had the most indescribable break down when he wouldn't work.

"I lost him and had to get a new Pierre, I did not believe Pierre's consciousness extended across. This one did not feel the same as the original Pierre."

Her unusual crushes and relationships have seen her receive abusive comments with people saying she is not 'normal', and referring to her as an "autistic freak" or saying she has Asperger's.

But Fractal claims they are bigoted.

She claims her family do not understand her relationships, but she has had a lot of support from the online community who don't challenge her when she says she loves Tetris more than them.

Fractal said: "I am not doing anyone or anything any harm. What is the issue?

"They think it's weird but I ask them to give me one good reason why I shouldn't date Tetris and they can't."


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