Submarine killer who chopped up journalist watched snuff films and loved Mermaid-themed sex festivals

Copenhagen City Court heard how the twisted inventor – jailed for life today – watched snuff films and attended mermaid sex festivals before mutilating Kim Wall, 30, on his homemade u-boat last year.

The brazen 47-year-old denied murder, claiming Wall died accidentally inside the submarine – despite admitting to decapitating her body and hurling the remains out to sea.

Jurors heard how the scientist had a fetish for being underwater and attended festivals where people enjoyed outdoor sex romps with models dressed as MERMAIDS.

Prosecutors told how Wall, 30, may have been tied up and strangled with herown stockings before Madsen "impaled her" with a screwdriver.

Police detained Madsen on Aug. 11 last year when he emerged from his submarine without Wall, 30, with whom he had boarded the home-built vessel the previous day.

Later that month, police identified a torso washed ashore in Copenhagen as Wall's. Arms, legs and a head determined to be that of the victim were also later retrieved by the authorities.

Madsen invited Ms Wall on to his miniature submarine so that he could fulfil the most vile and violent of sexual fantasies.

He brought a saw, knife and sharpened screwdrivers to the vessel where he invited Ms Wall to conduct an interview.

Madsen admitted dismembering his victim in the bathroom of the vessel after she died accidentally on board but refused to go into detail because it was "so horrible".

But he claimed he panicked and just wanted to remove all traces of her after her death.

During the trial twisted Madsen told the court he thought of 1995 hit Se7en as he cut off Wall's head – adding that he didn't think there was anything "unusual" about that.

The thriller includes a scene where Brad Pitt's character opens a box containing the severed head of his wife.

He said: "I don’t think that there’s anything unnatural in that remark.

“In that film, there is a scene where a person’s head is cut off.”

Peter Madsen was the skipper of the UC3 Nautilus, the private submarine he designed and built in 2008.

The Dane initially owned it in partnership with a group of volunteers who helped maintain it, but took full control after a dispute in 2015.
His defence team have said they will appeal his conviction.

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