Swimmer smacks his face into the edge of the pool when his backflip

Ouch! Swimmer smacks his face into the edge of the pool when his backflip into the water goes painfully wrong

  • Video captures man whacking his face into pool side in backflip gone wrong
  • Cringeworthy footage shot in Shijiazhuang City in China’s Hebei Province

Uncomfortable video footage shows the moment a young man’s backflip into a pool goes horribly wrong and he slams his face against the side.

The footage, taken on a friend’s camera phone shows the young man preparing to jump off the side of the pool as his friends watch on.

He then jumps up and into a flip but quickly drops and whacks his face and chest against the tile surface of the swimming pool edge.

The  footage was captured at a swimming pool on Sunday in Shijiazhuang City in northern China’s Hebei Province.

The young man can be seen here preparing to do the flip as his friends watch on before he slams his face and chest into the hard swimming pool edge as his friends watch on

According to reports, the man came out of the water by himself and then onlookers pulled him out.

The man is said to have escaped with only bruises on his chest and face.

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