Tanning salon owner was secret cocaine kingpin

A tanning shop boss lived a double life as a drugs kingpin who ran a huge cocaine racket from her town center salon.

Leanne Duffin lured young people into addiction and then forced them to become drug dealers to repay their debts.

The calculating 31-year-old used the Cosmopolitan Tanning Salon in Leyland, England as a front for the underground business. Leyland is about 200 miles north-west of London.

Duffin drove expensive cars and carried out the facade of being a successful businesswoman but was working with her drugs syndicate – and her 66-year-old dad – to deal on the streets of Chorley and South Ribble, two nearby towns.

This week the woman who thought she was “untouchable” was jailed for eight years for supplying class A drugs.

She was snared by cops after an extensive covert operation into her hidden life.

Police said the gang had been active for a number of years, headed up by Duffin, but they needed strong evidence to put her away.

Mike Adamson, chief inspector of Chorley and South Ribble police, said: “Her tanning salon was essentially a front.”

“She was living the life of a successful businesswoman but she will be left with nothing.”

“A lot of people knew what was going on, she was driving around in very expensive cars.”

“She was also exploiting vulnerable young people who were using drugs, allowing them to build up debts and then forcing them to sell drugs to pay their debts off.”

Duffin’s father Brian, 66, was sentenced to six years.

Among the other gang members, Geraldine Robinson, 51, was sentenced to four years, Jordan Whittle, 19, to three years and eight months and Kevin Hewitt, 51, for 12 months behind bars.

The Duffins, Robinson and Whittle all pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supplying Class A and B drugs.

Hewitt pleaded guilty to conspiracy to supplying Class B drugs.

Source: https://nypost.com/2018/01/12/tanning-salon-owner-was-secret-cocaine-kingpin/

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