Terrified homeowner returns to find venomous red-bellied snake in their bedroom… but can you see it?

A HOMEOWNER had the fright of her life after discovering a surprise visitor had come round for Christmas.

The Sydney resident was horrified to find a massive red-bellied black snake slithering in their bedroom.

The reptile was camouflaged perfectly, but thankfully was spotted and safely removed.

Snakes In The City removal services were called to the home in Wahroonga on Sunday after the creature was found.

The four foot snake was captured and relocated back where it belongs in nearby bushland.

The snakecatcher said: “Hooked this Red Belly Black off the top of a shoe shelf yesterday straight into the bag, spun the bag, clipped it and brought it home for release today.

“I'm carrying the bag to the car thinking 'Damn this things heavy! It must be a huge black snake!'.

“So I decide to take a few pics on release today, expecting this monster to fall out of the bag… but nope, turns out I just hooked a pair of shoes in with it.”

Red-bellied black snakes have venom deadly enough to kill humans.

But they are on the lower end of the spectrum and deaths are rare.

They are common near big towns and cities especially in Sydney and are commonly spotted in summer.

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