Terrified kids left screaming when Funderworld funfair ride’s power cuts out in mid-air

Astonishing mobile phone footage shows the lights suddenly go out on the No Limit giant swing.

Panicked screams then ring out around the Funderworld pop-up amusement park in Clifton, Bristol.

Kate Duncalf, from Liverpool, looked on in horror as her daughter was one of just two people on the attraction at the time.

She told how they were left swinging in darkness following what is believed to be a generator failure at about 7pm last night.

The mum said that despite power returning within a minute – it took as long as 20 minutes to bring the ride under control, because of the momentum.

She told The Bristol Post: “My daughter had a panic attack while it was still swinging. I’m going to take her to the doctor to make sure she’s ok. She’s in bed shaking from utter shock.

“As far as we were concerned those kids were going to fall off and die in front of our eyes.”

The attraction is essentially a giant swing with those who ride it sent swinging 360 degrees through the air.

On Funderworld’s website it is described as: “Seating 16 Passengers, and reaching a height of 24 metres, passengers can experience up to 4.5gs.

“Looping in random projectories [sic] all the time, experience both negative and positive forces.”

Funderworld have been approached for comment.

It comes after three kids were among nine injured after an octopus fairground ride plummeted to the floor at a Spanish fun fair.

The shocking accident happened in the Segorbe district of Valencia during traditional Christmas festivities known as the Purísima.

One terrified ride-goer described the incident as "very frightening."

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