Thailand police find woman gang raped and murdered after four men carried her out of nightclub during Champions League final

Nong Gift, 21, had been watching the European Cup final with friends last Saturday in Chnthaburi, Thailand, when she had too much to drink.

The cosmetics seller passed out inside the pub, with relatives claiming she was drugged.

She was carried out of the building at 2am and put in the back of a pick-up truck by four men, who said they would take her home.

But the men – including one who knew her – drove her to a secluded orchard where she was repeatedly raped and allegedly beaten to death.

The gang – Nattaphong Saenkraud, Patti Boonthal, Panya Chan Somdee and Suitsit Jaechim – allegedly confessed to police about their involvement and on Wednesday were taken to the scene of the crime for a re-enactment.

CCTV shows the group carrying her out of the bar and into the back of a truck – helped by a female friend of Nong who thought they were taking her home.

Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun said: “The victim was found dead on the same night.

“Four men have been arrested and confessed to their part in the crime.

“The victim was raped by four people and we believe beaten until she died.

“Her body was found with foam around her mouth, a nose bleed and part of her clothes on the floor.”

Another devastated friend, who had been socialising with Nong earlier in the evening, said she had happily left her with the group as she was under the impression they were all friends.

Airziz Opachat said: “'I'm sorry. If we knew that last night was the last time we were together.

"I will take care of you better. I'm sorry I did not take care of you better.”

Nong had been with three other women while watching the football match but only knew one of them, Airziz Opachat, well.

They had been on holiday together in the past and socialised regularly.

The other girls all left earlier in the evening, with Airziz saying that Nong “didn't seem very drunk".

She added: “Nong already knew one of the men. She was friendly with everyone.

“It was normal for her to be out chatting with people.

“I thought that she had arrived with these men and was friends with them.”

Nong's body was later found in the processing area of the orchard in the early hours of Sunday, May 27.

Police used CCTV to track down and arrest the four men just hours later.

During the crime re-enactment the group were taken to the bar, shown loading a woman into their truck and taken to warehouse at the orchard where the attack happened.

One member of the group – the only man who knew the victim personally – claims he only drove her and the other men to the area where Nong was killed.

A post-mortem examination is currently underway on Nong's body to discover whether she was drugged and to establish the exact cause of her death.

Police Major General Charn Jitjunjun added: “The full investigation has not been concluded and police are still establishing the exact situation.

“Relatives of the victim believe she was drugged.

"She was used to drinking alcohol and would not have been unconscious like this.

“During the re-enactment there were many angry friends and relatives who tried to attack the accused men but police were able to control the situation.”


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