The sweet moment a dog is reunited with owner after 10 months apart

‘Oh my gosh, she’s kissing you’: Sweet moment owner is reunited with her dog after she returns home from 10-month deployment with the Navy

  • A woman captured on video the sweet moment a dog is reunited with her owner
  • The dog, named Remy, is seen in the video jumping on Nancy Spadoni and showering her with kisses following her 10-month deployment in Afghanistan 
  • Nancy, who lives in Texas, is in the Navy and returned home earlier this month
  • Remy was so exited to see Nancy that she wouldn’t stop giving her kisses  

The adorable moment a Texas dog was reunited with her owner has been captured in a sweet video.

Earlier this month, Nancy Spadoni returned home from a 10-month deployment with the Navy to Afghanistan. Her wife, Aimee Beasley-Spadoni, captured the heartwarming moment Nancy was reunited with their dog Remy.

In the video, posted to Aimee’s Facebook page, Remy is seen lying on top of Nancy licking her face as Nancy laughs and hugs the tiny pup.

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Remy was so excited to see her owner that she jumped on the woman and showered her kisses 

At one point in the video, Remy jumped off Nancy Spadoni but hopped back on her to give her more kisses 

Remy is clearly excited to see her owner. The dog jumps off Nancy but quickly hops back on her chest to give her more kisses. 

Remy is heard ‘crying’ in the video as she jumps on and off Nancy.

‘Listen to her crying,’ Aimee says. ‘Oh my gosh, she’s kissing you. She’s laid out on you.’ 

‘I know, I know,’ Nancy says, trying to soothe the excited dog. ‘I know sweetheart. I missed you so much… Hi sweet girl.’ 

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Aimee Beasley-Spadoni (right) said her wife Nancy Spadoni (left) is in the Navy and was deployed in Afghanistan for the past 10 months

Aimee told The Dodo that she and Remy would FaceTime with Nancy while she was deployed. 

‘I could tell Remy missed her,’ she said. 

Aimee said in the days since Nancy came home, Remy’s excitement has not waned. 

‘She hardly leaves Nancy’s side when she is home and seems to be giving her extra kisses,’ she said.

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