THERESA May has mounted a massive social media blitz on ordinary Europeans in a bid to bypass EU chiefs over Brexit.

Downing Street paid for hundreds of thousands of targeted messages to Twitter and Facebook users to explain the PM’s new ‘grand bargain’ offer directly to them, The Sun can reveal.

 Theresa May has launched a social media initiative over Brexit in a bid to bypass EU chiefs

They highlight key quotes from her speech in Florence last Friday, as well as a link to the full 5,000 word text, in a bid to win ground support among the EU’s 500m citizens for a good Brexit deal.

For the weekend blitz, the speech was painstakingly translated into six different languages: Polish, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and French.

The tactic copies US President Donald Trump’s highly successful social media election campaigning in which he used forums like Twitter to bypass a hostile media.

A senior government source said: “We haven’t done enough to convince ordinary Europeans that we are making real offers in the negotiations.

“They only have Barnier’s spin on it all, which is badly jaundiced.

“So we are taking the PM’s message to European citizens directly”.

 The Dutch tweet reads 'We want to be your best friend and partner, while the EU and the United Kingdom thrive side by side'
 Downing Street splashed out thousands of pounds on social media to translate the PM's into six different languages

A No10 spokeswoman said: “As you’d expect, in our work to secure the best Brexit deal for Britain and build a unique new partnership the EU, we are communicating our plans widely”.

One of the targeted messages sent by the official @Number10gov Twitter account to a Dutch resident – and seen by The Sun – reads: "‘We want to be your best friend and partner, while the EU and the United Kingdom thrive side by side.’ – Speech by PM in Florence”

Among a series of big compromises made by Mrs May in the Italian Renaissance city were to pay £18bn into the EU budget for two years after Brexit to fill a giant hole left by our departure.

The PM also offered to sign a major security treaty to help protect the rest of the EU from terror threats and Russian aggression.


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