THERESA May’s offer to the EU today looks generous and sensible.

Which is why we reckon Brussels will rubbish it.

 Theresa May should negotiate for a shorter transition period meaning less money is spent

To them, Brexit must be painful and costly for Britain, as their chief negotiator Michel Barnier has brazenly now admitted.

Anything we are happy to offer won’t, by definition, be painful or costly enough.

But what Barnier says matters little.

If Angela Merkel and President Macron think it’s reasonable, they can order him to push ahead with free trade talks.

The Sun has been arguing for a short transition period which buys our ­businesses enough time to plan for life outside the EU.

That seems to us the best route to leaving, with all the opportunities that offers, while minimising any potential economic damage.

 If the EU will not listen, the PM should pitch directly to Angela Merkel

But for us there are two red lines:

First, the transition must be strictly limited . . . we MUST leave for good in 2021, with full control of our ­borders, laws and money. No more postponements.

Mrs May must not let our europhile civil servants kill Brexit with perpetual talks.

Second, our offer is only worth making in exchange for a free trade deal with the EU which starts at the end of the transition and does not shackle us forever to Brussels’ rules.

Both conditions are, commendably, contained in the PM’s Florence speech.

 Jean-Claude Juncker must be worried seeing Theresa May growing momentum with Brexit negotiations

But we are not optimistic Mrs Merkel will agree. At some point we may still have to walk away — and it is vital we are making detailed plans to do so.

Any further compromise risks betraying the referendum result. And 17.4million Brexit voters would never forgive that.

IT is simply terrifying.

With the threat level raised to ­“critical”, Amazon sold The Sun every part necessary to build a Mother of Satan nail-bomb used by IS.

 The Sun was able to purchase all the ingredients to make a deadly bomb for £95 from Amazon

Try to buy these chemicals over a counter and you are likely to be flagged up to security services. On the lawless web, anything goes.

They were sold to our brand new account and delivered, no questions asked, to an anonymous lockup.

Who at Amazon was going to bat an eyelid without proper checks in place?

Our reporter wouldn’t have known what to look for, of course, without ­Google providing a bomb-making

manual within minutes. Why, after all the warnings they have had, are ­Google’s searches still offering them up?

The tech giants, as Tory MP Alec ­Shelbrooke rightly says, are “aiding and abetting terrorism”.

 The components purchased by The Sun to make a bomb are the exact same used at the Manchester attack

Unless they clean up their sites fast, Facebook, Google and Twitter may be staring down the barrel of vast criminal penalties and regulation.

Amazon must tighten its rules TODAY — or stand in the dock with them.


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