Tony Blair’s stomach-churning lies about Brexit are putrid even for him — thankfully so few voters listen

TONY Blair has told some brazen lies in his time but yesterday’s stomach-churning dishonesty on Brexit was putrid even for him.

It wasn’t just the facts that he twists.

It’s his feigned concern for democracy, his forked-tongued duplicity about ­giving voters the “right to rethink” any Brexit deal — when his ONLY motive is securing the chance to negate their first decision and reverse the tide of history.

Who does this faded snake oil salesman imagine he and his revolting underlings Mandelson, Adonis and Campbell still represent? Surely not the “Remain resistance”, since every we-know-best utterance converts Remainers into Leavers.

Brexit was in part the final revolt against Blair’s disastrous misjudgements.

He misled us all and invaded Iraq. He flung open our borders. He let his weird Chancellor Gordon Brown’s borrowing wreck the economy, necessitating austerity. Then Blair lined his pockets — returning only to try to sabotage the biggest democratic mandate in our history.

The Brexit polls have barely moved since. But one survey has a significant finding: that a loathing of Blair unites majorities of Leavers, Remainers, Tory, Labour and Lib-Dem voters, male and female, of every age and class, in every region of England, Scotland and Wales.

Who exactly does he think he still has the power to persuade?

More seriously, how can he be so deluded as to imagine Brexit can be painlessly reversed after all the votes cast for it by the public and Parliament?

It would trigger constitutional meltdown, a total collapse of trust in democracy and an eruption of violence.

A Sun front page once asked if Blair was “the most dangerous man in ­Britain”. He now seems to aspire to it.

Thank God so few still listen to him.

IF ever a sex monster deserved to rot in jail for life it is cab rapist John Worboys.

Yet, shamefully and incredibly, this creature is out after eight years. Why? Because Keir Starmer, ex-Director of Public Prosecutions and now a ­Corbyn lackey, failed to prosecute him over yet more victims. He must tell Britain why.

How can parole officers now believe Worboys poses no danger? He assaulted an estimated 200 women, and has served only about two weeks for each.

A man who destroyed that many lives deserves not one day of freedom.
Our justice system has betrayed them all.

EVEN Labour now admits its crazy ­economic strategy is a giant, “high risk” punt with an apocalyptic downside.

Shadow education secretary Angela Rayner reveals much when she calls it “s*** or bust”.

Corbyn’s gang KNOW it is an insane experiment jeopardising our bouyant economy and millions of jobs.

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