Top Tory MPs blast ’disloyal’ Philip Hammond and urge PM to sack him over anti-Brexit stance

THERESA May faces pressure to sack Philip Hammond last night as leading Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg warned he was “disagreeing with Government policy”.

Tory MPs have urged the PM to discipline the Chancellor after last week’s gaffe when he said there should only be “modest changes” to Britain’s relationship with the EU post Brexit.

Tory backbencher Nadine Dorries yesterday weighed in, blasting him for disloyalty.
She said: “He needs to go. He’s not being loyal to the Prime Minister.”

Calls for the Chancellor be ousted come as a leaked WhatsApp messages obtained by the Daily Telegraph revealed a senior minister dubbing Brexit supporting MPs "swivel-eyed" old men.

Energy minister Claire Perry made the comment in a private group for Tory MPs when senior Brexiteers voiced concerns over the £39billion EU divorce bill.

Her comments were made in response to Conservative vice-chairman Ben Bradley complained he was "getting some s*** from the usual suspects about sell-outs and traitors."

She said: "The 'sell out traitor mob' should be ignored. Listening to them means wrecking the economy in the short term, and via a Corbyn government, delivering a long, steady slow decline for the country we love."

She continued: "And I would hypothesise that they are mostly elderly retird men who do not have mortgages, school-aged children or caring responsbilities, so they represent the swivel-eyed few not the many we represent."

It came after former Cabinet minister Owen Paterson urged the PM to “absolutely put her foot down” over his misjudged comments.

And former leader Iain Duncan Smith insisted “nobody is indispensable”.

Speaking on Peston on Sunday Jacob Rees Mogg also attacked Hammond’s comments.

He said: “On this issue he seems to be disagreeing with Government policy, the Conservative party’s manifesto and Mrs May’s speeches.”'disloyal'%20Philip%20Hammond%20and%20urge%20PM%20to%20sack%20him” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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