Tory MP’s pregnant wife breaks down in tears at vile threats from Corbynista trolls

THE PREGNANT wife of a Tory MP was reduced to tears by vile threats from Corbynista trolls with one telling her "hope your baby dies".

The mum-to-be was subjected to an online hate campaign after her husband clashed with the Labour leader in the House of Commons.

The MP also received death threats, which the Mail on Sunday reports are now the subject of a Met Police investigation.

One the hateful thugs threatened to "spear" the politician while he was out jogging while another said he would "put your head on a spike".

An online hate campaign rained down on the MP and his family after Mr Corbyn, 68, demanded he be "called out" for heckling him about his age.

On Twitter Labour MPs tagged the MP, who is not being named to protect his family from further abuse, beginning a tidal wave of hate.

After trolls found his wife's Facebook page and discovered she was pregnant she became the target of the sickening abuse.

Revealing that messages carried the hashtag #JC4PM (Jeremy Corbyn for Prime Minister) the MP called on the Labour leader to  act.

He told the Mail on Sunday: "The Momentum hate mob saw it as a green light. Mr Corbyn must stop pretending he has no responsibility for this menace.

"It has been deeply upsetting and disturbing."

The MP said the news his wife was pregnant with their first child had come as a "wonderful surprise" and both are desperately hoping "everything goes well".

He added: "When the death threats and the message about 'hope your baby dies' came up, she spent the weekend in floods of tears."

Prime Minister Theresa May has condemned all threats of violence made against MPs on social media after a several reports of death threats and abuse.

She said: "Threats of violence and intimidation are unacceptable and have no place in our politics. Everybody should be treated with tolerance, decency and respect."

This week has also seen Tory Brexit rebels subjected to vile online abuse, with Anna Soubry revealing she had received messages suggesting she should be "hung in public".

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