Tory students ‘groped women and taunted locals’ at boozy Oxford club after downing 43 glasses of port

DRUNK Tory students allegedly groped and harassed women at a debauched all-you-can-drink university event.

The students are claimed to have downed 43 glasses of port each at the Port and Policy party run by the Oxford University Conservative Association, of which Tory MP Jacob Rees-Mogg is an honorary president.

According to a club report obtained by The Mirror, students saw drunken men attempting to kiss and fondle women before abusing pub locals.

The report claims that organisers who refused to serve the students more booze were shouted down with one reveller screaming: "I’ll buy their families."

The arrogant yobs are then said to have headed for the nearby King’s Arms pub, where they were heard shouting "My castle’s bigger than yours" as they smashed glasses and bottles outside the building.

The louts were also heard yelling "Buller, Buller, Buller" in reference to the infamous ­Bullingdon Club society.

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One member of the OUCA has been so far suspended following alleged drunkenness.

If true, the behaviour confirms long-held stereotypes surrounding the young Tory club.

Only last year an OUCA member was suspended from the organisation after clambering up a church flag pole and ripping it down – following the same Port and Policy event, held every Sunday at St Giles Church Hall.

The Mirror obtained a report outlining the claims of drunken behaviour after it was presented to the association’s council by social secretary Lucy Boland.

“There is a common perception that the association has a problem with sexism, and that this perception is right," it states.

“There are a number of members who feel able to treat women with disrespect and discourtesy.

“There have been numerous reports from members that last Sunday several attendees at Port and Policy groped, touched, kissed (or attempted to), or otherwise harassed female guests."

It adds: “We believe senior members have been ignoring sexism and misogyny, not because they are themselves sexist, but they are worried about the public image of themselves and the association.

“Instead of trying to address the bad PR caused by this issue, we should be addressing the issue itself.”

OUCA President Timothy Doyle said last night: “The association takes very seriously indeed all allegations of misconduct at its events.

“A member has been suspended until the end of term, following drunkenness at an event.

"Any allegations of sexual harassment are passed on to university authorities. No allegation received has been ignored."'groped%20women'%20at%20boozy%20Oxford%20club%20linked%20to%20Jacob%20Rees-Mogg” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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