Transgender newlyweds reveal joy at tying the knot as they say 'we're just like any couple in love'

Army Captain Hannah Winterbourne and actor Jake Graf have fondly spoken about their wedding, admitting they knew they would be together from date number one.

The couple spent almost every weekend together after the first date – when they met under the clock at Waterloo Station.

They married last week, with Hannah stunning in a classic strapless gown, and Jake looking sharp in a dark suit.

Jake said he was "mesmerised" as he saw his wife walk up the aisle, as she told the Daily Mail "just a few years ago the idea of ever being married to someone was inconceivable".

Hannah told the Sun: “I never thought when I was younger this could happen to me. It was always a pipe dream.

"To me, I’m just another girl married to another guy. As you transition and meet someone new you kind of forget about your past."

Hannah and Jake made contact through Facebook before meeting for the first time, three years ahead of their marriage.

The 31-year-old Captain told the Mail: "When I told my family and friends I loved him they were very wary for me, concerned that I wasn’t just caught up in the emotion of having my first boyfriend.

"But three years on he still makes me feel I’m the centre of his universe; that literally nothing else matters to him. I feel very loved."

Actor Jake, 40, said: “We’re just the same as everyone else, with our flaws and ups and downs — but a little bit different.

“I never thought any of this was a possibility. Now I’ve got this beautiful Army captain wife and I’m so happy.”

He added: “We’re lucky enough that we both look like any other person walking down the street.

“By and large we pass through life without the abuse and harassment that a lot of trans people get.”

Both prefer not to reveal their previous names, with Jake explaining: “We’re trying to move away from who we were before.”

The couple, patrons of transgender children’s charity Mermaids, got engaged while on holiday in New York in September.

Now they are married, Jake and Hannah are eager to start a family.

She said: “We want kids sooner rather than later. I’ve definitely got broody since turning 30.

"A lot of my friends have got kids now. We’ll go for surrogacy in the first instance and see how it goes.”

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