TSB customer spends 16-and-a-half hours on hold after losing £2,800

TSB customer, 66, had £2,800 siphoned from her account by scammers then spent more than 16 HOURS on hold trying to report it to fraud hotline

  • Wendy Grady, from Norwich, had pension cleared from her account on Sunday 
  • Scammers used official-appearing line and told her details of direct debits
  • After entering code they asked her to, £2,800 was taken out of her account
  • TSB have refunded her the full amount after being contacted by MailOnline 

A pensioner has spoken out after spending 16-and-a-half hours on hold to TSB after £2,800 was taken from her bank account on Sunday.

Wendy Grady, from Norwich, had her pension cleared from her account after scammers called her from a number that appeared to be from an official TSB line.

The scammers were able to tell her details about her legitimate direct debits, including ones from a previous statement, before telling her about fraudulent direct debits.

In order to cancel these direct debits, she was told to enter a code. After doing so, £2,400 and £400 were transferred out of her account in quick succession.

Wendy Grady, from Norwich, had £2,800 taken from her account after scammers called her from a number that appeared to be from an official TSB line

Transactions of £2,400 and £400 from her account were taken in quick succession. She spent 16-and-a-half hours in total on hold to the TSB fraud team before finally getting through

Mrs Grady, 66, said: ‘I just cried. I’ve got no food money, I’ve got a disabled husband with Parkinson’s, and he’s had four strokes. 

‘I’m really panicking here, they’ve taken everything. With my sick husband, I don’t want him to get sick with stress and have another stroke.’

Mrs Grady added: ‘It might not be much, but it’s a lot to me.’

After realising the money had been taken, Mrs Grady phoned the TSB fraud team straight away.

She spent four hours on hold on Monday before spending most of Tuesday attempting to get through. She finally got hold of the fraud team on Wednesday, spending a cumulative total of 16-and-a-half hours waiting.

Now Mrs Grady has had to borrow £700 from two of her daughters to cover her bills and food costs until she is able to get the money back.

A TSB spokesperson said: ‘While our systems are safe and secure unfortunately fraudsters are increasingly sophisticated and looking to take advantage of situations like these by approaching customers.

‘Protecting our customers’ information is our number one priority. We are working with the Police and anti-fraud agencies to ensure customers don’t become a victim of fraud, whether they bank with us in branch, online or via the telephone. We also have a specialist team dedicated to investigating the issues reported.

‘Meanwhile our commitment is absolutely clear: no customer will be left out of pocket as a result of the recent migration to our new IT platform.’ 

Since being contacted by MailOnline, TSB have returned the money to Mrs Grady’s bank account.  

Fraud Action have been contacted for comment.

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