UK weather forecast to sling Britain back in the freezer this weekend with 'Beast from East 2.0' threatening sleet and snow 'almost everywhere'

Temperatures are set to plummet to as low as -4C as the cold moves in from Siberia and Scandinavia from Friday.

It will come after a mid-week washout to dash hopes of spring by chucking Britain in the freezer just two weeks before Easter.

Accumulations of snow will mount in eastern and south eastern parts from Saturday, reaching potentially disruptive levels by Sunday.

The Met Office is expected to issue a weather warning in the coming days telling road and rail users to prepare for delays.

But thankfully the blizzards will not match those of the original Beast two weeks ago — which coupled with Storm Emma to grind the country to a halt.

Martin Bowles, a meteorologist at the Met Office, said: "By Saturday we're expecting a cold front to move into the south and east, bringing snow showers in from the North Sea.

"On Saturday there will be flurries of snow in the south east, East Anglia and the eastern parts of the county.

"While were are not expecting heavy snowfall on Saturday, by Sunday there will be quite a chance of accumulation.

"Settled snow is predicted to measure around 2-3cm on Sunday in the east, but light flurries may even reach western parts."

And this snowfall could cause a nightmare for drivers and rail passengers on Sunday.

Mr Bowles added: "There is certainly the potential for disruption and delays on the roads and rail.

"We have not yet issued a warning for the weekend but there could well be one in the coming days.

"Thankfully, it won't be anything like as much snow as two weeks ago.

"Maximum weekend temperatures will struggle to get above 1C, and with the wind chill it will feel like -4C on Saturday and Sunday."

Forecasters at the Weather Channel say the mild and wet week be tipped on its head by the weekend.

A spokesman said: "Values will start to dip with the latest bout of cold Siberian air starting to make its presence felt by Saturday morning with a chance of snow in the north and central areas – even at lower levels.

"Drier and brighter weather will develop through the weekend but there is the risk of a wintry showers almost anywhere.

"Wind chill from the east will make it seem much colder with overnight frosts and it will remain quite cold for some days."

They added: "Low pressure centred to the south-west will draw in a milder southerly flow.

“However, it will become unsettled with strong south-easterly winds and a heavy band of rain during Wednesday.

“Turning colder by Saturday as pressure heightens over Scandinavia and a cold, brisk easterly airflow moves into the UK.

"A wintry mix of rain, sleet and snow showers arriving off the North Sea.”

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