Ukranian internet bride Ganna Ziuzina says claims she murdered millionaire Brit hubby is ’nonsense’

A UKRAINIAN internet bride says claims she murdered her millionaire Brit husband are "nonsense" as she launched a High Court bid to clear her name and inherit his fortune.

Ex-stripper Ganna Ziuzina, 38, is accused of arranging the hit-and-run death of businessman Barry Pring, 47, on their first wedding anniversary in 2008.

Mr Pring from Devon died instantly when he was hit by a car with stolen plates doing 80mph in Kiev.

An inquest ruled he died unlawfully and his family are convinced she was involved after a private detective found evidence of a conspiracy.

She has never been convicted but the ongoing suspicion means she can't inherit under the "forfeiture rule" which stops killers getting their victims' cash.

Her lawyer John McLinden QC told the court yesterday it was "a nonsense" she wanted his fortune and only wanted to clear her name.


The former stripper has been dubbed the 'black widow' following the death of her wealthy British husband

He said: "She wants me to say publicly that the family are completely wrong.

"In order to defend the murder allegation she was forced to engage with the forfeiture rule which had been raised against her.

"If she had not, she would have been labelled a murderer.

"To suggest she is in this for the money, as opposed to defending the murder allegation against her, is a nonsense."

McLinden QC, has claimed she was under the shadow of an unfair and relentless campaign against her.

"She wants me to say publicly that the family are completely wrong in their belief and sight has been lost that she too has been gravely affected by this tragedy," he said.

Ganna, who now lives in a £700,000 villa in Marbella with another Brit millionaire Ivan Lister, 48, and their three-year-old daugter, did not attend the hearing.

The case was adjourned and a full hearing is not expected until late next year.

Barry's fortune was estimated to be around £1.5million when he died.

It is now only worth around £250,000.

Ganna claims his family have used his cash to hire lawyers and private detectives to gather evidence against her.

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