University bosses took home an average of £268,000 as salary increased four times 1.1 per cent offered to staff

UNIVERSITY bosses took home an average of more than £268,000 last year, figures reveal.

Their pay rose by four per cent in 2016/17, nearly four times the 1.1 per cent awarded to their staff.

A total of 13 vice-chancellors received £400,000-plus in pay packages in 2016/17, while 64 got more than £300,000.

Four shared nearly £1million between them in payouts as they retired or stepped down, according to Times Higher Education analysis.

Top earner was Prof Christina Slade, head of Bath Spa University until last August.

She received £808,000, including £429,000 as “compensation for loss of office”.


Tens of thousands of academics walked out of 60 Unis yesterday in an unprecedented move over pension cuts.

The pension cuts are proposed by the vice-chancellors, but now the heads of Durham, Newcastle and Kent Unis, among others, want to renegotiate to reach a compromise. Many of them have met with the Brit Unis representative body, which is leading the crunch talks.

Discussions are to continue today. Chris Day, vice-chancellor of Newcastle University, said: “I absolutely support staff’s decision to strike. I’m not sure what else they can do.”

The strike is to keep until the coming Thursday, with a further nine-day follow-up over two weeks and plans to extend the action until June.

The figures come amid growing concerns about soaring pay for university bosses.” target=”_blank” title=”Click to share on Twitter

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