University freshers kiss head of dead cow in ‘I’m A Celeb-style’ initiation

An investigation is underway after video footage captured a bizarre initiation ceremony for university freshers students – which wouldn’t have looked out of place in an episode of jungle reality show I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!

Young men and women were forced to strip to their underwear before performing a series of humiliating tasks, including crawling through animal intestines and kissing the head of a dead cow.

University administrators are now investigating after footage of the bizarre ceremonies was posted on video-sharing platforms.

It shows student on a university-owned farm where they were put through a full day of tasks.

The young men and women were ordered to strip to their underwear and given tasks such as standing in bowls of animal intestines and bathing in animal blood as a crowd of spectators cheered them on.

One female student said: "They made us kiss the head of a dead cow with candles around it and later various men made us strip down to our bras.

"After, we had to crawl through excrement and they threw foul smelling liquid at us."

Eyewitnesses with smartphones filmed the degrading ritual at the Centro Universitario de Izabal in the city of Puerto Barrios in eastern Guatamala’s Izabal region.

The university is a regional base of the prestigious Universidad de San Carlos, the biggest and oldest university in Guatemala and the fourth oldest in the entire Americas.

Jose Robledo, the head of CUNIZAB, announced an investigation into the initiation ceremonies and said those responsible would face disciplinary action.

Mr Robledo said the university was not previously aware of the ceremonies, and added that the students had already met with a local magistrate to discuss the incidents.

He said: "We are going to investigate this case because it can’t continue.

"A student welcome should include social activities and motivational talks to enable them to achieve their academic goals.


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