Upstate church encouraging worshippers to bring guns

An upstate church is encouraging its worshippers to come armed following the massacre at a Texas chapel on Sunday,

“We are not a gun-free zone,” reads the latest sign in front of the Lighthouse Mexico Church of God in Oswego County, which is about 30 minutes north of Syracuse, according to Spectrum News.

The church — which describes itself as the “Most upbeat church in Upstate New York!” — features the same pro-gun message on its website, and adds “we protect our people!”

Church pastor Ronald Russell says he’s been allowing firearms in the house of worship since white supremacist Dylann Roof gunned down nine black church-goers in Charleston in 2015.

“People say ‘well, pastor, you’re talking about killing some,’ and I say ‘well, if I don’t protect my people, I’m being complicit.’ A shooting here, that’s not going to happen,” he told the news outlet.


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