US airman takes LIE DETECTOR test to ’prove he saw UFO land near RAF base 37 years ago’

A FORMER American airman has taken a lie detector test to prove he saw a UFO land near a Suffolk RAF base nearly 37 years ago – and PASSED.

Larry Warren, 56, claims he was the first witness to the mysterious incident in Redlesham forest in 1980.

In a bid to show he is telling the truth, Larry resorted to taking a polygraph test, passing every question.

The test was conducted by a top UK expert who has carried out more than 2000 tests.

Larry was posted with the US Air Force during the height of the Cold War, when the spooky incident took place over three successive December nights.

However, his version of events notably differs from the other witnesses.

Whist Larry says he observed small child like alien beings floating underneath a black triangular object, known as a craft, others only saw the craft and large beaming lights.

Three airforce men were sent out to investigate and shockingly, one of them even touched the side of the craft.

Just two nights later,  Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt and his team observed strange flashing lights moving through the trees.

They were shocked when a beam of light hit the ground close by to where they were standing.

Former police detective Gary Heseltine, who proved the 7/7 London bombings for the British Transport Police and now edits UFO Truth magazine, said the lie detector test's results show Larry has been telling the truth.

He said: "The successful polygraph vindicates my long held belief that his account was true all along."

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