“Victoria Gotti of Funeral Homes’ scores huge win over city

The city will wipe out $165,000 in fines and penalties it had levied against beloved Brooklyn mortician Doris Amen after admitting last week it wrongly accused her of “keeping dead bodies in a restaurant.”

“We messed up,” a spokesman for the Department of Buildings said, confirming that several violations slapped on Amen’s Jurek-Park Slope Funeral Home in 2014 were unfounded — and she now owes nothing.

“Amen to that!” exclaimed Amen, known as the “Victoria Gotti of Funeral Homes” for her blonde mane and Brooklyn accent. She penned the humorous memoir, “I’m Dying to Tell Ya!!!”

Amen had feared the business she ran for 28 years would be buried in debt.

“Now I can sleep at night because I’ve been vindicated,” she said.

Amen’s victory comes after The Post exposed the bureaucratic goof that triggered Amen’s woes.

The DOB had accused her of violating a 1938 certificate of occupancy that allowed only a restaurant on the first floor of her 23rd Street building. Because of a typo, officials didn’t find 1950 paperwork that permitted a funeral home.

As it turns out, the DOB inspector who cited Amen was charged with corruption in 2015. Stephen Perez put a false stop work order on a building as part of a bribery scheme, the Manhattan District Attorney charged. Perez was convicted and sentenced to 45 days in jail, and 100 hours of community service.

Amen believes a delinquent tenant picked a lock and let Perez into the mortuary, where he walked through rooms with bodies covered by sheets on dressing tables.

The fines ballooned because Perez also wrongly cited Amen for adding an illegal gas and sewage pipes, and commercial space upstairs. The DOB erased those too.

Source: http://nypost.com/2017/06/18/victoria-gotti-of-funeral-homes-scores-huge-win-over-city/

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