A "VILE" woman posted images of other people's babies on social media and claimed they were ill or dead in a sick scam.

Evil Katie Ringer, 21, copied photos from two strangers' Instagram accounts and claimed the women's kids were her own, a court heard.

 Katie Ringer, 21, posted stolen photos babies online, claimed they were dead and seriously ill babies online and used them to exhort money out of sympathetic strangers

Ringer used the pictures of the babies – one who was premature and another newborn – on online sites she had set up begging for money.

The convicted fraudster even claimed one of the children was dead, Norwich magistrates were told.

Ringer, who now faces being sent back to jail, was hauled back into court after she was snared by police.

It comes after the sick crook was found guilty at Basildon Crown Court in Essex two years ago for 23 similar offences.

In that case, Ringer had pretended to need cash for her dead baby's funeral and also begged for money to support a fictional sick child.

The online troll also abused victims over the internet, posting photos of their children accompanied by "vile" comments, the court heard in 2015.

At yesterday's hearing Denise Holland, prosecuting, said one of Ringer's stunned latest victims found a photo of her newborn child on a site to raise money in memory of a dead child.

She discovered the despicable villain had set up a site "claiming the child was hers and that the child had died and, it seems, was trying to get money".

When challenged Ringer threatened that she was going to "rape and harm" the youngster.

The repeat offender and horrible bully also made terrifying threats to the other devastated victim.

After finding out a picture of her premature daughter was being used, the victim contacted the site to ask not to use the picture or pretend the child was hers.

Ringer then threatened to kidnap and kill the child.

Mrs Holland said she hasn't pocketed any money from her latest disgusting swindle.

Ringer, of Mile Cross, Norwich, admitted two offences of sending a letter/communication/article conveying indecent/offensive message on March 28 and between March 19 and April 3 this year.

 Ms Ringer has swindled thousands of pounds out of people online for similar offences in the past

Mrs Holland said "each and every one" of the previous frauds were similar to the most recent offences.

Ringer was warned that "all options" were open, including being sentenced at crown court and locked up again.

The case was adjourned until October 3.

Gavin Cowe, defending, said Ringer was being treated for a personality disorder and suffered from PTSD, anxiety and depression.

Ringer previously swindled people she contacted on the internet out of thousands of pounds by making up sob stories about sick and dead children.

The "troubled" young woman and serial liar pretended to need money for her dead baby's funeral.

She also pleaded for cash to support a fictional sick child – preying on the kindness of neighbours and strangers.

Ringer, previously of Shoebury, Essex, raked in more than £2,000 from donors worldwide, who fell for the online cons posted on social networking websites between 2012 and 2014.

 She threatened to rape, kidnap and kill the children whose photos she stole when their parents asked her not to use their photos

She was caught and jailed for two years nine months at Basildon Crown Court in March 2015 after admitting 14 counts of fraud, eight of harassment and one of threatening to destroy or damage property.

But last year Ringer, who has since moved to Norwich, had her sentence cut on appeal to two years by judges.

They ruled not enough account had been taken of her emotional problems.

Her wicked crimes devastated her victims across the UK.

Some were already living on the edge hoping against hope their premature babies would live healthy lives when Ringer cruelly exploited their grief.

Others were mourning the loss of their children.

And many were trying to enjoy new motherhood when their precious photos were defaced with sick messages.

Sentencing pathetic Ringer at Basildon Crown Court in 2015, Judge Samantha Leigh told her: "You preyed on the generosity of the British public.

"What you did only has one word and that is wicked."

She added: "You spun a web of lies to draw these people in and played on their emotions to extort money they could ill-afford to donate."

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4403356/fraudster-stole-instagram-photos-babies-claimed-ill-dead-scam/

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