Warning over ’dangerous’ Christmas fairy lights which can burst into flames

'DANGEROUS' Christmas fairy lights are on sale across Europe – and could be life-threatening.

One set of "light up your life this Christmas" festive lights have been found to easily catch on FIRE.

Despite warnings from the European Commission's Rapid Alert System the unsafe lights but they are still being sold.

The cables on one cheap set of fairy lights can easily be pulled out of the plug, but can still be bought, even though the European Commission banned a near-identical set in August.

Shockingly, Brits buying these lights would have no idea of the danger they pose.

All the products buy the EU 'CE' mark to show that they have been classified as safe, even though they are not.

Shoppers can try and spot a package of dodgy lights by looking out for a logo on the box that looks like 'ETTS' and uses the classification number 'EK-04.'

Last Christmas, a mum warned of the dangers of Christmas lights after her home was gutted by a fire, causing £55,000 worth of damage.

Sue Noonan said: "In the past we've always had lots of Christmas lights.

"It was a horrific experience.

"If we’d all been asleep in bed, we could have been dead.

“I just want to make people aware that this can happen.

"You should never leave fairy lights unattended."

With Black Friday set to hit the nation next week, the Christmas shopping season is well underway – with Brits set to stock up on supplies and presents ready for the holidays.

The retail spending in the six weeks run up to Christmas will soar to £78.7 billion, according to the Centre for Retail Research study for VoucherCodes.

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