Watch three robbers bundle a safe into their Audi before speeding off

Gang of masked robbers bundle a safe into their Audi A3 before speeding off in shocking video footage

  • Three men were filmed bundling a safe into their Audi A3 on September 15
  • They sped away from the scene in Holly Road, Handsworth with the safe
  • West Midlands Police are appealing for information about the footage 

This is the moment a gang of brazen masked robbers desperately bundle a safe into their car as witnesses drive by.

Three men were filmed dumping a hefty safe inside the boot of an Audi A3 before speeding off from the scene in Holly Road, Handsworth.

The group are said to have snatched the safe from a resident’s home on Saturday, September 15, just moments before the shocking escape footage was taken.

In the clip two masked men struggle to lift the stolen property into the boot. 

Police have appealed for help from anyone who know who the criminals are.

Another man, holding a baseball bat, then runs towards the struggling robbers to give them a hand.

The trio clumsily drop the safe into the silver car.

Meanwhile, drivers on the left side of the road are forced to wait behind the car as the crime unfolds in front of them.

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Two of the men jump into the front seats of the car while the third pushes the safe further into the car and slams shut the boot.

After spotting the offenders, the driver of a black SUV mounts the pavement in a bid to get away from the fleeing car.

Cars are forced to wait as the getaway car blocks the left side of the road.

No arrests have been made and officers are trawling CCTV in a bid to trace the men.

West Midlands Police are investigating the Holly Road, Handsworth safe robbery (pictured)

A statement from West Midlands Police read: ‘Police are investigating after a safe was stolen from a property on Holly Road, Handsworth just after 6pm on Saturday (15 Sept).

‘Three masked men bundled the safe into the back of a silver Audi before making off towards Grove Lane.

‘Officers are now conducting extensive CCTV enquiries to trace the vehicle and identify the occupants.’

Anyone with information should contact DC Chris Warren-Smith on, or speak to an officer via Live Chat at between 8am to midnight.

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