Wedding caterer blasted for charging £850 for buffet serving custard creams and Asda doughnuts

A CATERER charged fortunes for wedding buffets — only to dish out biscuits.

At least 13 brides say JLS Entertainment boss Jason Davidson, 34, ruined their big day by serving shoddy food.

One, Kelly Dickens, 34, paid £850 for a buffet which turned into “a shambles” when doughnuts arrived in their Asda packaging.

She said: “It was shocking. There was coleslaw in Asda tubs.

"I spent most of the time crying while some guests went to McDonald’s. And he turned up a drunken mess.”

Kelly, of Nottingham, claimed she is still waiting for a promised refund after marrying Daniel last March.

Another angry bride, Emma Kennedy, 31, said she paid £800 for a “drunk” Jason to arrive with a selection of biscuits plus an inedible homemade cake.

She said: “It wasn’t fit for a dog. I’ve seen better food served to the elephants at Twycross Zoo.

"And when he provided the entertainment, he refused to play any requests.

"I married on New Year’s Eve and he was meant to stay until midnight but he told me at 10.30pm he was packing up and leaving."

Davidson did not even turn up for Edwina and Mark Elson’s do in Swadlincote, Derbys — forcing a dash to Sainsbury’s.

They said they are taking legal action to get £700 owed from 2015.


Davidson, of Burton-on-Trent, Staffs, said: “You don’t get everything right, but I’ve never ripped people off.”

He admitted government body Action Fraud had been in touch.

Derbyshire County Council also said trading standards was “aware” of the matter.

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