Whisky makes you frisky and brandy makes you randy as booze impact on emotions revealed

SPIRITS and red wine are the drinks most likely to make people feel sexy, a study    has found.

Forty-two per cent felt more in the mood after a drop of the hard stuff such as brandy or whisky.

And 25 per cent said the same about red wine — ahead of 24 per cent for white wine and just 19 per cent for beer.

But spirits also make many aggressive, restless, tearful or ill.

Researchers quizzed 29,836 people in 21 countries on the emotions they feel after drinking different types of alcohol.

They found women are more likely than men to have drinks that make them feel sexy.


Men were more likely to feel aggressive after any alcohol and females more likely to feel any of the other emotions.

Some 59 per cent said they were more confident after spirits. But the stiff drinks left 30 per cent feeling aggressive.

Study leader Kathryn Ashton, of Public Health Wales NHS Trust, said people pick drinks that end up having negative effects because they “crave” the positive emotions that go with them.


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