A WIFE left nothing to chance by creating "dummy-proof" shopping for her husband.

Era Golwalkar made the list to help her husband, Gaurav, complete their weekly food shop.

 A frustrated wife made an illustrated 'dummy proof' shopping list for her husband after he kept messing up the weekly shop

The 29-year-old IT specialist said she hoped the sketches and descriptions would help "solve a weekly problem."

The hilarious post quickly went viral.

Era told the BBC: "After Gaurav and I got married three years ago we decided to split the household chores.

"Gaurav was very supportive and was ready to learn cooking."

But unfortunately he had no experience with anything related to cooking and was frequently taken for a ride by the shop owners.

They would flog the unsuspecting lecturing executive substandard products as he had no idea what the veg should look like.

Era revealed this resulted in "epic arguments" between the couple when her husband would Whatsapp her pictures of produce for her approval.

 Era Golwalkar mad the list for her husband Gaurav after they had 'epic' arguments over their shopping trips

She was so proud of her work she posted the list to Twitter writing: "This is the task I gave to my hubby last weekend!! Even U guys shud follow this list for happy customers #bigbasket #grofers#reliancefresh"

Other users were just as impressed with the young wife's list with user Surd Archie replying: "This is great.. But my question is, how did you get so much wisdom about such things at a very young age?"

Another added: "I'm going to start doing this because as much as I love him I don't trust my fiancé with grocery shopping."

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Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4554351/wife-sends-husband-to-grocery-store-with-dummy-proof-shopping-list-including-sketches-of-onions-and-potatoes/

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