Will Cornick, who murdered his teacher Anne Maguire ’also planned to kill his head of year and another teacher’s unborn baby’

A SCHOOLBOY who murdered his teacher planned to go on a horrific spree and stab his head of year to death and kill another teacher’s unborn baby, an inquest heard.

Will Cornick showed fellow pupils a 34cm long knife and boasted of his plot to attack Ann Maguire before he stabbed her eight times during her Spanish class.

The murderous schoolboy also pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels whisky, which was alongside the kitchen knife in his red No Fear rucksack, and said "it’s like a party".

An inquest jury heard that Cornick, who was 15 when he murdered Mrs Maguire, 61, at Corpus Christi Catholic College, Leeds, West Yorks, on Monday April 28, 2014, intended to go on to stab pregnant teacher Sinead Miley in the stomach to kill the baby.

He also plotted to stab head of year Andrew Kellett in the throat, the inquest heard.

Despite more than ten students knowing Cornick was armed and had alcohol, none told teachers.

It is thought that they feared Cornick would harm them, or did not take him seriously.

A pupil – who cannot be named for legal reasons but spoke at the hearing under their initials of KK – sat next to Cornick in English, the first lesson of the day.

KK had heard Cornick was carrying a knife and asked to see for himself.

He said: “He showed me the knife and he smiled and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels and said ‘it’s like a party, party drink’.

“He was saying how he was going to stab Mrs Maguire and go on and kill Mr Kellett and attack Miss Miley as well.

“He said he knew how to do it because he had been studying the human body.

“He’d looked at the human body and how to kill people fast so he could go from Mrs Maguire to Miss Miley and Mr Kellett.

“He was going to stab Miss Miley in the stomach because she was pregnant and wanted to kill the baby instead of her, and stab Mr Kellett in the throat because he wanted to go to prison.”

Emma Conway, who taught Will Cornick art and design for three years, until the murder on April 28, gave her evidence via Skype link.

She said one pupil, JW, had approached her immediately after the murder.

She said: "He did not tell me before it happened.”

Miss Conway added that he was shaking and told her "he [Cornick] had threatened to get us, all of us, if we said anything".

She told the jury sitting at Wakefield Coroner’s Court that Ann Maguire was "well liked" and a "mother figure" to students.

Mrs Conway described Will Cornick as a very creative artist, but he was quiet and "he would hide behind his hair".

“He reminded me of an awkward teenage boy, he was very quiet,” she told the inquest.

“He didn’t project himself or necessarily want attention.”

She also had dealings with Cornick in her role in the school’s Duke of Edinburgh scheme.

Cornick had been disappointed when he was unable to go on the expedition element of the scheme following an operation to remove an ingrowing toenail.

“He was very obviously annoyed with that and it was the most emotional I had seen him,” she said.

The teacher learned that Cornick had been drinking alcohol at a weekend and had fallen over, grazing his arm.

Mrs Conway reported the matter to Chris Fletcher, a child protection officer at Corpus Christi Catholic College, and said he "knew of the situation".

Mrs Conway said: "I taught Will for three years and I personally had no sense, no idea, and it still haunts me and still shocks me that he would do something so horrific.

“It clearly had a negative impact on my future. I feel I cannot predict any longer any student.

“For him to turn round and become so incomprehensibly violent s something that terrifies me.”

The inquest also heard how Cornick "very much regrets" killing Mrs Maguire.

In a read statement his father Ian Cornick said Will did play violent video games but knew the difference between "fantasy and reality".

He said his son was diagnosed with type one diabetes aged 12 and after that became withdrawn and less tolerant of other people.

Mr Cornick said Will hated Spanish and wanted to drop the subject as he couldn’t see any point to it.

“He disliked Mrs Maguire, the subject teacher,” he said.

On the weekend prior to the murder Will had spent it with his father.

Mr Cornick said: "It was an exceptionally ordinary and nice weekend, unremarkable with Will behaving exactly as I would expect him to behave.”

He said he visits his son monthly in prison, where he says Will feels "scared" and "isolated".

“He very much regrets what he did and is desperate to find a route to getting better,” said Mr Cornick.

His mother Michelle stated that Will wanted to drop Spanish to do extra art study, but this request was refused by Andrew Kellett and Ann Maguire.

After the meeting Michelle made a request.

“I asked Mrs Maguire to make sure was she not alone with him as their relationship had broken,” she said.

“I simply meant that it would be unproductive to talk with Will alone as he had made his mind up. I did not mean he would be violent or anything of that sort.”

The inquest heard there the school had no written "no knives" policy and teachers assumed pupils would know not to have one.

Head of English Marie Coleman had taught Cornick for the first period that morning, when he had been producing the knife and bottle of whisky, and telling pupils of his intentions.

She had to leave the classroom for ten minutes to deal with a teachers absence and did not know what Cornick had been doing.

She told the hearing: “If that happened I have no knowledge of it and the lesson was quite normal when I was there."

Miss Coleman said that the idea students did not tell her of the incident before the murder was "unfathomable".

The inquest into Mrs Maguire's death continues.

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