The world’s next great religion could have a ROBOT God because humans are pre-programmed to worship things more intelligent than ourselves, experts claim

A FORMER Google engineer has started the world’s first AI religion – and reckons everyone will end up worshipping robots “a billion times smarter than humans”.

Nutty ex-Google and Uber developer Anthony Levandowski started the ‘Way of the Future’ (WOTF) religion last month, which boasts a madcap gospel called ‘The Manual’, barmy robot-worshipping rituals, and even a physical church.

Now John Mitchell, Levandowski’s lawyer and fellow AI expert, has explained that the religion could go global because humans have a tendency to “worship supreme understanding”.

He said: “there must be some higher power that causes lightning, sunsets, and crashing waves – or at least speaks to the bottom of our beings, rather than ignore them as ho-hum background.

Levandowski, who formally registered the barmy religion after he was sued for stealing trade secrets from Google, named himself ‘dean’ and vowed to take complete control of the cult until he dies.

He claims his robot god, which will be a “billion times smarter than humans”, will lord over its subjects as they will happily relinquish power to a being of higher intelligence.

Documents registering WOTF as a religion in San Fransisco reveal it’s stated purpose is to “develop and promote the realisation of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence”.

He has appointed four other geeks to ‘The Council of Advisers’ and has promised to spend organising workshops and meetings.

America’s Internal Revenue Service listed the religion as having received £15,000 in gifts £1,100 in membership fees, £15,000) in extra revenue.

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